Resource Center

We have the largest and most exhaustive DTC Resource Center and Library in the world

With tens of millions of dollars of creative genius, design, approach and patient evaluation forms, our field-tested design and copy-writing tactics, competitive offerings, support and customer retention programs as well as adherence and compliance programs have worked very successfully.  Why? Because we don’t believe in recreating the wheel.  We study what pharmaceutical companies are currently doing and have done in the past.  We then apply this knowledge to programs we develop for our clients.

Our Resource Center has over two hundred best-of-class DTC programs from around the world

We scan over one hundred Canadian and US consumer magazines, TV ads and patient internet sites.  We then reply to every Rx health-seeking ad to receive patient materials.  Our librarian then catalogues and captures every component into a fully relational database for future retrieval.  Whether by therapeutic area, brand, country or specific component, we have it at our fingertips.