Is your STRATEGY focused solely on physicians?

Does your BRAND stand out with PATIENTS?

Does your communication EDUCATE and ENGAGE?

Do you have a NEW PATIENT strategy?

We know how to ENGAGE new patients for your Rx brand.

Here’s How…


Find hard-to-reach patients

We have a databank of over one million healthcare consumers with either a chronic, rare or ultra-rare condition and who want to receive health related information.

Understand the disease and the patient psyche

We go to great lengths to understand both the disease and what the patient and caregiver go through.

Engage patients through DTC educational programs

We design and execute award-winning direct response marketing programs which connect with patients.

Evaluate and measure the impact

We have developed a methodology of evaluating our programs beyond traditional reach and frequency.


We have the largest and most exhaustive DTC Resource Center and Library in the world

DTC Regulations

Laws passed by parliament that govern anything to do with the manufacturing, distribution and advertising of both OTC and prescription drugs


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Speaking directly to patients for over 25 years.